Why is wax so bad for the environment?

Standard hydrocarbon waxes are actually petroleum-based. This is a major contributor to global warming which threatens the skiing areas.

The wax that is on your skis will wear off and be left behind on the slopes. This is only a couple of grams, but multiplied by millions of skiers, reports put this figure at 88,000 kg of petroleum released into the mountains each and every season.

On top of that, the high-performance waxes all have extremely poisonous chemicals used as additives to enhance glide. These poisons have been proven time and time again to be cumulative and very damaging to all forms of wildlife as well as humans!

Eco-friendly waxes are available, but most testing indicates that these are not as long-lasting or as effective as the waxes with bad chemicals in, and are a long way off being as effective as Pocket Juice.

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