Traditional waxes used in snowsports contain many chemicals that are extremely hazardous to the environment, such as flourocarbons. Wax wears off during use, releasing these chemicals into the mountain eco-system and causing much cumulative ecological damage.


The forward-thinking guys at Skistar are planning to become the world’s first to operate completely wax-free resorts in Sweden and Norway in 2018.

  • Initial testing of 15 pairs of ski’s 2016-17
  • Final testing 1000 pair of skis 2017-18
  • Over 40,000 Skis across all resorts

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Aspen Snowdome

The first full wax-free snow dome opened in Aspen, Antwerp – Belgium in November 2017.

  • Over 450 rental skis
  • 150 Rental snowboards
  • Permanently Juiced so maintenance-free!

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