Pocket Juice

Price: £20

Makes gliding easy, even in the toughest conditions:

  • GLIDE through slush
  • GLIDE through crud and chopped-up snow
  • GLIDE longer over flat areas
  • Even GLIDE uphill over tricky rises

Pocket JUICE is a treatment that is applied to any skis or snowboards at any point, regardless of the current condition of the equipment.

Pocket JUICE is so simple to use that even a child can apply it – you simply take the bottle and spray it on the base of your skis or snowboards at any time. It comes in a handy, pocket-sized bottle that you can take with you while you head out onto the mountain. Use it whenever you feel that your skis or boards are not performing as well as you want. Ideal for using in changeable conditions.

Skis and snowboards that have been sprayed with Pocket JUICE immediately have the same feel as if they had been freshly waxed, but there is no residue left behind in the snow to contaminate it.

This treatment usually lasts for a few days but can be re-applied as often as the user feels necessary.

Pocket JUICE is the perfect thing to use on rented equipment throughout your holiday to keep yourself performing perfectly!

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