Juice Permanent

Price: £60.00

Juice Permanent is exclusively available for rental stores and professional service centres. It is the original invention from the team at Looknowax that introduced the whole concept of a permanent treatment into the skiing industry. It has been tested and proven for years and it’s longevity and effectiveness is unsurpassed.

With Juice Permanent, you only need to treat skis/snowboards once and never have to wax them again. In addition, the micro-hairs and small scratches that degrade your equipment are noticeably reduced, thereby extending the life of your equipment and greatly extending any required service interval. Just a few of the main benefits are:

  • No waxing overheads
  • Vastly reduced maintenance
  • Longer equipment life

Juice Permanent is very simple for ski rental and servicing shops to apply to their rented equipment to massively reduce maintenance costs year on year. We are happy to supply examples of these huge cost savings on request – just email us and ask.
Please contact us for more information and price calculation.

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