Juice Permanent

No we are sorry, Juice Permanent is something we are only selling to the industry, because fully permanent treatments need seriously good base preparation and we’ve found that the majority of users can’t do that properly.

However, if you want it on your skis, try asking your local dealer and giving them our details. We can ship quite small quantities out if they are interested and we are always looking for more outlets.

Of course your edges would still need sharpening, but it’s correct that, for normal users, ski and board bases that are treated with Juice Permanent are maintenance-free!

Pocket Juice

Yes, it works great for Nordic skiing. Unlike typical waxes, which are extremely specific to temperature ranges, Pocket Juice works across all temperatures and conditions. It’s a single product that does everything!

Also, as fluor wax will be banished in Nordic skiing soon because of the health and environmental issues, Pocket Juice is a great alternative.

It will last a couple of years in the metal bottle.

There is obviously a link between the number of applications and the physical size of the skis or snowboard being treated but, taking a pair of 1.70m all-mountain skis or a 1.60m board as examples, you should easily be able to treat them a minimum of 5 times.

Lightly spraying then wiping with a thin cloth can help too – with this method we can even get 10 applications!

The other option is to treat multiple pairs – so apply it to your whole family’s skis a couple of times.

You only need a light spray over your skis or snowboard.

If your equipment has wax on it, some of the Pocket Juice will wear off with the wax, so if performance drops off a little, simply re-apply with another light spray and you’re good to go again!

The only complaint that we regularly receive is purely visual: when you use Pocket Juice, your ski bases may look grey. That’s because the last of the wax is wearing out. Typically, this indicates that skis need re-waxing, but this isn’t the case with Pocket Juice.

Because Pocket Juice is a pure product, it has no colour so doesn’t always keep bases looking dark and shiny, but it’s still in there working for you!

Once people realise that it’s not how they look that counts, they are always happy and just enjoy the feeling of perfect equipment.

We would love to tell everybody, but as this is our secret formula, you can understand we aren’t able to. But we can assure you that it works.

If you really want to find out more, email us!

Pocket Juice out-performs wax in every way:

  • Glides at least as fast as waxes even after days of skiing
  • Great in wet snow or slush: don’t go home early anymore because the conditions have got worse, Pocket Juice will help you through the toughest conditions
  • Use it on waxed skis/boards, rented gear or even better on unwaxed skis or snowboards
  • 100% eco-friendly – Pocket Juice contains no toxic products at all
  • Just spray on and ski off. No tools required – everybody can do this


New skis and boards are manufactured long before they reach sales outlets, and the thin factory wax tends to dry out and become useless. We even have special inside knowledge about this after working with ski and board companies.
As a result, a base treatment of some kind is nearly always needed. Guess what we are going to recommend > Pocket Juice of course!

Yes. Pocket Juice actually has a beneficial effect on the longevity of wax that is applied over it, but why would you when Pocket Juice is so simple to apply and works better?

Wax starts wearing off your skis the instant you use them, degrading to around just 20% left after 3 days use. So you should really drop them off at your local ski shop and pay to get them re-waxed in the middle of your holiday.

Alternatively, don’t waste your time and money – use pocket juice and apply it yourself in seconds if you need to.

Standard hydrocarbon waxes are actually petroleum-based. This is a major contributor to global warming which threatens the skiing areas.

The wax that is on your skis will wear off and be left behind on the slopes. This is only a couple of grams, but multiplied by millions of skiers, reports put this figure at 88,000 kg of petroleum released into the mountains each and every season.

On top of that, the high-performance waxes all have extremely poisonous chemicals used as additives to enhance glide. These poisons have been proven time and time again to be cumulative and very damaging to all forms of wildlife as well as humans!

Eco-friendly waxes are available, but most testing indicates that these are not as long-lasting or as effective as the waxes with bad chemicals in, and are a long way off being as effective as Pocket Juice.

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