Traditional waxes used in snowsports contain many chemicals that are extremely hazardous to the environment, such as flourocarbons. Wax wears off during use, releasing these chemicals into the mountain eco-system and causing much cumulative ecological damage. Juice does not contain any harmful ingredients and leaves no damaging residue behind on any of our natural resources. If you care at all about the environment but at the same time want your skis or snowboard to perform brilliantly, there is no alternative!

About Looknowax

The Looknowax team has been creating the revolutionairy formula behind Pocket Juice, Juice Infinity and Juice Permanent for the past 4 years. We have been testing it on the slopes with ski and snowboard professionals. Our passion is winter sports and the environment so being able to combine both is amazing.

We can’t wait to get our solution in more peoples hands to get wax off our slopes!

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