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Pocket Juice

The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Ski Wax

A simple, spray-on product, that works on any Ski or Snowboard base.

  • As fast as waxes and even faster in extreme conditions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Consistent performance
  • No tools required
  • Less wear and tear on equipment

What Is Pocket Juice?


In More Detail…

100-eco-friendly-logoA simple, spray-on product, that can be sprayed on in the workshop or on the piste.

It provides the feeling of fresh wax on a ski just by spraying on.

Use it whenever you need a boost, or spray it on your rented equipment to improve it and keep it working all week long.

It can be applied to new or used equipment whether it is clean or still has some wax on it.

“I just want to keep everybody enjoying the thrill of skiing and snowboarding without poisoning the environment”


See it…

The Matrix

You’re looking at Pocket Juice under the microscope. As the zoom increases you can see a ‘white-web’ completely coating the matrix of the ski. This is what makes Pocket Juice different to anything else on the market.

Use it

We’ve made Pocket Juice so simple to use people don’t believe that it works!

One quick spray covering the entire base is all you need.

You don’t even need to wait for it to soak in. Just start riding!

Buy it

Looknowax Pocket Juice

Get yourself some Pocket Juice today and find out for yourself how great it is.

Pocket Juice Facts


  • A pair of speed skis ran at 233.010 km /hr in a test run at VARS speed master 2017
  • A mono ski reached 205km/hr at VARS speed master 2017
  • The world fastest snowboarder, Edmond Plawczyk, reached 180 km/hr (in very dangerous conditions)
  • Pocket Juice was trialled in a snow dome in New Zealand with excellent results for the seasoned and casual rider. 


  • 100-eco-friendly-logoIt is 100% eco-friendly
  • It eradicates the need to use any wax
  • It’s as safe for your skin as washing up liquid
  • The (supplied) Pocket Juice atomizer can be re used and recycled
  • Laws are being passed in countries all over the world to ban wax, and Pocket Juice is the only viable clean green alternative for speed and convenience


  • It enables snow crystals and water droplet manipulation through a clean open working base structure
  • It works on the base P-Tex by lining the inner cortex of the P-tex at a micro molecular level. Only visible with an electron microscope

People are saying…


I finally had a chance to test Pocket Juice last week on super slow snow at Alpental.

All of our regular bases turned super dirty and were slow.

Your base stayed clean looking and had excellent glide!

Mike Olson / Founder, Mervin Manufacturing


In 12 years of waxing nothing has advanced, but with Pocket Juice performance just kept getting better and better.

I’m now planning a new world record objective of 210 kph for 2017 season.


Edmond Plawczyk


I tested my Pocket Juiced GS skis on very dry cold snow with very little humidity and gliding has improved on all types of snow.

And I have found it to be even more efficient on wet mushy snow.

Jai Geyer / GB Alpine Ski Team


JD Prince Owner / Engineer

JD is the man who started it all. He came up with the idea while he was working as a full-time ski instructor in Austria. For a few years he rigorously and continuously tested on his own skis and those of fellow instructors to test JUICE in its various forms to get it into a working product. He’s the man that can make our mountains clean.

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LookNoWax reps

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Chris Norton – Owner / Business Operations

JD and Chris met while Chris was racing on a dry slope in the UK.

They found that they both shared similar business and ecological ideals and began working as a solid partnership. Together they have refined the product, the application processes and the business models so that everyone can enjoy being wax-free and fast!

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